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It is a payment process of travelling allowances for all of the academic, administrative and other staff members who are assigned getting financial support from our university budget.

It is subject to the provisions of the Allowance Law numbered 6245

Travel Allowances Directive for the Domestic and International Assignments of Our Academic Staff

Information about Domestic Provisional Assignments

Directorate of Personnel Affairs Accrual Unit

  • After you return from the assignment, an identification will be made on the system in order for you to be able to log into the e-government if you notify the staff in charge from Personnel Rights and Accrual Unit of Directorate of Personnel Affairs by phone about your demand of post-assignment allowance. Upon inputting the data on e-government and sending to fiduciary, you are to contact again for control and later submit the information along with the other travelling documents to the Personnel Rights and Accrual Unit of Directorate of Personnel Affairs. (Inter phone number: 4452-4457)
  • The upper limit of the domestic allowance cannot exceed 750,00 TL and conference attendance fees are not paid according to the Travel Allowance for Domestic and International Payments.
  • It is important for you to receive your assignment approval at least 15 days in advance of the appointment date in order not to buy expensive plane tickets and have troubles.



Documents to Submit


1 Statement of travel allowance (2 signed copies)Notice of travel) e-yolluk (e-travel allowance) is accessible through this link.




Calculating Daily Pay

You Daily pay is determined based on your additional index or salary/staff rating. If the amount you deserve depending on your additional index is higher than the amount you will be paid according to salary/staff rating, the higher amount will be taken into account while calculating.


To access H-chart including your Daily payment details, click.



Those who are sent to a place within the local service place with an official duty are not given daily payment.

Those who are sent to a place other than the local service place in a temporary mission and spend on the way or in these places either time for lunch (13.00) or dinner (19.00)will be paid 1/3 of the Daily payment while the ones who spend both will be paid 2/3 and the one ones who spend the night there will be given the full payment.(What is meant by spending the night is being there until the morning, 7a.m) A full day is counted for every 24 hours of travel time For examples of more detailed daily calculations, click.

Sample- Filled Notification Form of Travel Allowance

Guide for preparing notification of E-Travel Allowance


Travel Pay Demand Form (2 signed copies)

Document of Assignment

Receipt of the plane or bus ticket

For flights, receipts made out in the name of the assigned person or electronic tickets, boarding passes showing flight dates and time are registered for order of payment. (Sample flight receipts)


On condition that you travel by bus and do not have a bus ticket, your transportation fee is calculated over the current value. To Access the current value, click.

Otobüs ile yapılan ve otobüs biletiniz olmadığı durumlarda ulaşım ücretiniz rayiç bedel üzerinden hesaplanmaktadır. Rayiç bedele ulaşmak için tıklayınız (It is not mandatory to submit the tickets which are within the Aşti Current Value or below, but if the amount is higher than the current value, the ticket must be submitted.)


  Your boarding passes, your receipts of Havaş-Belko, train, subway, taxi with the same date as the day you leave for he assignments and your arrive day.


Receipt of Accommodation


The receipt for the fees paid for the accommodation will be attached to the payment document and the accommodation expenses are not paid unless there is a receipt for the accommodation.


In the receipt;


Dates and days of accommodation

The total amount, seal, signature are to be provided.


Accommodation Fee

The amount of accommodation you have been entitled to receive;

50% incremental amount for the first 10 days of the assignment, 50% of the daily payments for the following 80 days, 40% of the entitled daily payments for the subsequent 90 days are considered while calculating.


Note: Accommodation fee is limited to 180 days according to Article 42 (a) of the Travel Allowance Law.


The calculation of 180-day accommodation for an official who is within 5-15 staff ranking.

Daily wage for staff whose salary/staff ranking is within 5-15 is 34,18Tl.

For the first 10 days of the assignment 34, 18 x 1, 5 = 51, 27 x 10 = 512, 7 TL

For the following 80 days: 34, 18 x 0, 5= 17, 09 x 80 = 1367, 2 TL

For the subsequent 90 days: (34, 18 x 2/3) x 0, 4= 9, 11 x 90= 820, 32 TL

Total: 512, 7 + 1367, 2 + 820, 32 = 2700, 22 TL will be paid for accommodation.


 Certificate of Attendance or the Original copy of /Seen by the administration sealed Attendance Certificate


 Turkish translation of all documents (receipts / invoices / certificates, etc.) which are originally available in foreign language are required to be submitted by the declarant and be confirmed by the expense departments.
(Translated by me. Name/Surname, Signature)


* You need to hand in your statement of travel allowance and petition with the required documents to Personnel Rights and Accrual Unit of Directorate of Personal Affairs. Provided that your department has grant, your payment will be made within 15days. There may be delays in transactions due to insufficient grant and payroll weeks.